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Director’s Chair Film Festival Makes Its Big Return


In case you’ve been wondering The Director’s Chair Film Festival has been in hibernation for the past five years, but is back and ready to wow Staten Islanders. Created in 2006 by Kimbra Eberly and Kenny Graham, “The Director’s Chair TV,” showcased various filmmakers and their work.  Rock Jock Jonathan Clarke from Q104 served as a host and also interviewed the filmmakers as well as screened their films and that’s where the idea for The Director’s Chair Film Festival was born.  The festival was televised on Time Warner Cable with over 26 hours of programming and included interviews, video profiles, musical guests, ending with an awards ceremony. Producer Kimbra Eberly said, “We monopolized the community access television network, because nowhere could you get 26 hours of live broadcast time during the weekend at that time.”

Director Kenny Graham said, “We were very lucky to be allowed to do this because this was the first time people could stay at home and be a part of the festival or come to the studio and be a part of the ongoing events.” Unfortunately, the festival ended abruptly in 2010 when the new director of CTV was no longer interested incontinuing the show and sadly, the festival was shelved.  Kimbra went back to her musical roots and produced her first CD in 2014, titled “No mercy” and is currently working on numerous projects including a book about Lizzie Borden the famous ax murderer. Kenneth went on to doing photography and last year opened up along with fellow artists, HUB17, which is an artist’s space used for events, creative networking and also serves as a film center and professional photography studio.

 We would like to thank Staten Island Arts for making our festival possible by awarding us a DCA Premier Grant with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. 

Also, thanks to HUB17 “The Director’s Chair Film Festival” has been revived and is its new home. “We had some really great times. Over the course of five years The Director’s chair film festival screened hundreds of films, as well as gave artists of any genre, an opportunity to showcase their work through video profiles, interviews, and screenings, said Ms. Eberly.

Mr. Graham said, “HUB17 is proud to be the new sponsor and hosting venue of “The Director’s Chair film festival and we look forward to future events.”  The festival starts September 16-18, 2016 and they are currently accepting submissions. For more information go to

For more information on Kimbra Eberly visit and for more information on Kenny Graham go to