This year we have accepted films in all genres, all lengths and from all over the world.   All films were viewed by at least
two or more screeners. Having to say no to many quality films was very difficult for us.   We are happy to say that we
have accepted 44 films into our festival this year.  Thank you so much!!!!

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A DANCE WITH ANDREA - Lance J. Reha (Staten Island Film)
Runtime: 28:00
It's been said that true love never dies, but what do you do when your heart does? After the death of his beloved Andrea, Victor has spent the last 60 years asking that very question of himself.

Runtime: 26:19
A life-long Brooklynite struggles to convince his ridiculous neighbors that a mysterious box left in the middle of their street doesn’t prove one of them is a dangerous terrorist.

ALCHEMY - Brandon Polanco
Runtime 14:05
As a failed everyman begins to work through pages and pages of questions, time elongates. He finds himself tormented, isolated, battling the unknown, ultimately transcending into a heightened reality, discovering a new life between multiple worlds both familiar and otherworldly.

BEAR WITH US - Russ Nickel
Runtime: 96 minutes
A black and white, cult-style comedy all about a bear attack interrupting a wedding proposal. So, you know, a classic, bear-attack RomCom.

BETWEEN FLOORS - Lance J. Reha (Staten Island Film)
Runtime 49:00
On his way to his next job, Robert Brennan, a brutal amoral hit man finds himself trapped between floors in an elevator with Grace Strazzullo, an old crippled woman. Minutes feel like hours as the walls seem to close in around them. When claustrophobia grips him like a choking hand, Robert comes face to face with his own fears & his own mortality.

BLACK SUN - Christian Caputo (Staten Island)
Runtime 16:31
Agent Langan attempts to convince his old friend Max Viggorido to help him hunt down members of a mysterious cult who have engaged in several ritualistic murders.

Runtime: 102 minutes
This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia. When he is 12 years old his parents decide to move to Vienna. What follows is the discovery of a whole new world, the world of movies. Soon young Vlado’s passion for films results in his own short films. And from the beginning at the back of his mind, the desire to someday make a feature film …

BY BLOOD - Debra Markowitz
Runtime: 14:11
Blood, betrayal, brothers.

CELLING YOUR SOUL - Joni Siani (Documentary)
Runtime: 59:00
In less than a decade, our technology has totally changed the way we interact with one another. But, have we stopped to ask, "how are these changes, changing us?" Celling Your Soul tells the story of how one college professor changed the conversation, asking her students not "what do you think?" but "how do you feel?"

COFFEE & SISTERS - Melissa Pellicano (Staten Island film)
Runtime: 7:00
Coffee & Sisters is a short film about two sisters struggling to relate and deal with repetition.

COMFORT FOOD - Stephen Barnett (Staten Island film)
Runtime: 20 minutes
What appears to be a sweet meal quickly turns tragically sour.

Runtime: 4:36
Musician Steve Gunn goes on a wild journey, arm-wrestling a grizzly bear and exploring a dark forest! The video is a combination of digital 'cut-out' animation and live action footage

COWBOYS -  Bernabe Rico
Runtime 20:00
Martin is a finished actor, both professionally and personally. He's divorced, has no friends and a son he hasn’t talked to for more than a year. But one fine day he’ll get a working offer his agent will not let him pass: to be companion of a 5-year-old boy in a costume contest at the Amusement Park.

4 EVER FAB (A beatles Tribute)
is an original song and video tribute to The Beatles. This short film, produced by Phil Curcuru and Jimmy Ceribello, captures the feelings and passion of fans as they witness the beginnings of the music revolution known as The Beatles.

A divorced man named Julian Hayes must overcome his fear of commitment by helping an orphaned young boy with autism find the mother that abandoned him at birth.

EXIT THREAD - Paul Kimball
Runtime: 96 minutes
Tom is a small-town pastor who struggles with a continuing attraction to Abby, a former lover, even as he falls hard for Laura, a college professor and Abby's friend and mentor. Observing all of this at a distance is Rev. Ezekiel Hartt, an elderly clergyman who has returned to town after a long absence with a secret that threatens to destroy them all.

Runtime 26:30
Based on original recordings, Funkenflug serves as an outstanding example of solidarity with a town facing its biggest catastrophe in history and citizens regaining strength and courage to rebuild the town to the important centre of the Black Forest it is today.

HAPPY HERE IN NEW YORK - Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres - (Drama)
Runtime 13:03
Best friends reunite in New York City but their friendship will never be the same.

Runtime: 5:24
An experimental film about A male suffering from mental health issues, and his physical and psychological experience with anti-psychotic medications.

LAST BREATH - Jake Ramos
A man wakes up in the middle of a beach with no recollection of how he got there and no memory of who he is. The only clues left behind is a photo of a mysterious woman and an engagement ring.

Runtime: 96 minutes
In 1985, during the height of the music video craze, a free music video UHF-TV channel appeared in the Boston market, only to disappear from the airwaves after 18 months. Nearly 30 years later, the fans remain and memories of this channel have formed an important place in 80s nostalgia.

LONG WAY DOWN - Ashley Harris
Runtime: 11:00
When his two-year-old daughter Daisy is taken from him, Ronnie's world is torn apart as his guilt intensifies and drives him to the edge - literally. Standing rooftop he encounters Angel, who in his unique and unconventional manner, attempts to reignite Ronnie's desire to live, love and redeem.

MOTHER NO MORE - Matthew Stacey (Drama)
Runtime 15:00
DCI Helena Estrada returns to the scene of an unsolved child murder after the loss of her own daughter. Making renewed enquires at an isolated house, Helena believes the bruised occupant to be a victim of domestic abuse, but things become complex when she hears a child crying.

NASTY - Prano Bailey-Bond (Horror)
Runtime: 15:09
It's 1982. Twelve-year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father.

NORTH BE EL NORTE - Mark Christensen - (Suspense)
Runtime 97 minutes  
A Mexican man (Uncle John) played by (Danny Trejo) seeks to avenge his brothers death attempting to cross the US/Mexican border "via his nephew (Bondo) played by (Douglas Spain) attempts at completing his fathers journey North. "A bad Tijuana cop" harasses Bondo's many attempts at crossing only to be successful at a home made flying machine and lands a Santa Monica pier. After getting caught and brought back to the bad TJ cop, Uncle John (Danny Trejo) gets word and seek his final avenge.

OLD DAYS - Phil Currcuru (Staten Island film)
Runtime: 20:00
Times change, music is forever. In "Old Days," we get the chance to revisit our youth and the happy, carefree, endless hours spent there. Looking back, the relationships we established were intense, especially when it came to making music together. It turned us into brothers

OVER DINNER - Travis Gonzalez (Staten Island film)
Runtime: 20:00
Frustrated by her eccentric mother's carefree role as grandmother, a young single mother unravels their complicated past over Thanksgiving dinner.

Runtime: 24:45
George lives in two worlds. One perfect, his dream world, the other, his mundane real life, a living hell. Taking drastic measures, he enacts his plan to be in his dreamworld forever with his perfect girl, Dora. But that world it is not all as it seems. He soon learns there's a fine line between dreams and nightmares.

POP - UP - Stuart McBratney
Runtime:  91 minutes
"Pop-Up" is a triptych of stories about people affected by one event:
An unemployed father finds a camera containing a single photo of a woman's face. Smitten, he tracks her down.
A Romanian immigrant attempts to overcome her heartbreak by giving away a thousand home-made pop-up cards.
A sleep-deprived theatre director seeks deadly revenge on a scathing critic.

POVERTY INC. - Valerie Van Cleve (Documentary)
Runtime: 110 minutes
Examining the influence of corporate globalization and exposing the destructive nature of our modern financial system, Poverty, Inc. offers a sobering look into how the predatory economic policies instituted by America’s new elite class have contributed to the nation’s descent into Third World status.

SEARCH ENGINES - Russell Brown
Runtime: 98 minutes
Is a social satire about the essential relationship of the modern era: human beings and their phones

Runtime 108 minutes
Jenny Lee is a tennis all-star known for her acerbic wit and temper. When a mysterious accident ends her career, Jenny finds out that her agent ran away with her money. Now penniless and forgotten by her sport, she decides to restart her career and seek financial support. She embarks in a search for her father who abandoned her when she was a child, but soon tracks down a man with a shady past who left a trail of family secrets.

SPACE BETWEEN - Jill Murphy Long
Runtime: 13:37
On deadline with her first script, a young screenwriter doesn’t realize that she’s written a screenplay about her past lives until she meets her soul mate in a cemetery.

Runtime 108 minutes
A true story of JAMES DONALD WALTERS who forsakes the worldly life to enter upon an amazing spiritual journey of self realisation.

THE CLINIC - Matt Ward (Staten Island Film)
Runtime: 88 minutes
The Clinic is about a dysfunctional workplace environment and the relationships that are formed there.

THE COLORS OF PERCEPTION -  Michael Robert Anderson (Staten Island Film)
Runtime: 45:00
"The mind is a silly toy." Peter is a 23 year old with an imagination like no other. Living in his own little world, he creates the reality around him and sees what he believes can exist. Peter must face the world around him in hopes of finding himself.

THE CULTURE OF HIP HOP - CarlLu Productions (Staten Island story) (Documenary)
Runtime: 95 minutes  Culture of Hip Hop” The Staten Island Story this documentary  feature “Platinum” and “Gold” selling artist like Wu-Tang Clan, Force MD’s, UMC’s, DJ K Roc (MC Lyte DJ), King Jus and Shyheim. All hail from Staten Island, New York at the pinnacle of their music careers.  This documentary takes in depth look at the impact and contributions these Staten Island artists played in the music industry. CarlLu Productions interviewed these feature artist and various other people like Ralph McDaniel, Mc Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Whodini, Milk Dee(Audio Two) and managers, producers and friends and many more to get a better understanding of their impact in the music Industry

THE DARK TAPES- Michael McQuown(Horror)
Runtime: 95 minutes
A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent, original anthology. Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity. Could the supernatural exist in our everyday lives and have a plausible, scientific basis? The Dark Tapes explores this and more with surprising, sometimes shocking results that will leave you questioning what could be real.

THE LAST STRAW- Stolis Hadjicharalambous (Comedy)
Runtime 100 minutes
The new comedy from director Stolis Hadjicharalambous, is a tale about Ruthless High School Dean of Discipline, Mr. Quint, who has one mission: to preserve order in his classrooms by any means necessary. This mission is successful until his cruel tactics push one student,Bruce Bauer and his rag tag team of misfits too far and they decide to end Quint's reign one spitball at a time.

THE LAST TAXI DRIVER -Debra Markowitz (comedy)
Runtime: 14:00
A disgruntled taxi driver refuses to give up his chosen career, even when most of the inhabitants left are zombies.

THE SUCKER - Caro Alexis (suspense)
Runtime: 22:00
The owner of a poker room suspects one of the players of cheating. Hiring an expert magician at manipulating cards, he vies to unmask and expose the cheater and his tricks.

VILLAGE FOLKSINGER- David Francis (Staten Island Film) Documentary
Runtime: 48:42
A fusion of image, drawing, and interview celebrating a singer-songwriters experience in New York.

WONDERFUL WORLD 3D - Timo Joh. Mayer (Documentary)
Runtime: 94 minutes
The Earth: home to over two million species of plants and animals. A remarkable biodiversity stemming from complex processes taking place over billions of years. The result is a beautiful composition of ever-changing landscapes: steep mountains, deep forests, vast oceans and arctic ice fields.

YOU BY PEARL AND THE BEARD - Brandon Herman Music video (Staten Island)
Runtime: 4:00
Proposing marriage at a fancy restaurant seems like a good idea, but things can get crazy pretty quickly!

YOUR’S ACCIDENTALLY - Steven Forrester
Runtime 30:00
Driving home one day from his summer job on a lavender farm, student Luke Jacobs runs over a beautiful young woman. Insisting that he takes her home rather than to the hospital, the young woman works her seductive charm on him and it isn't long before he falls in love with her.